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Fecha:   04/12/2015 15:07

Hi MehmetGood to hear that you like my pictures!I only<a href="http://fqmqmlz.com"> recnmmeod</a> to use high ISO 1600+ with the Nikon D3S. The image quality with D3S at ISO 2000 is so great that I sometimes forget to adjust the ISO-vaue down. For macro shots it might be good to use high ISO to get short shutter speeds during windy conditions.

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Pedro 13/09/2010 23:01 
 dJzzGpOfiPQZhlFp   nuevo
Akif 29/12/2012 12:00 
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mTCBkZXa4 01/12/2015 19:20 
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gc4OoKLjy 04/12/2015 08:34 
 RE: dJzzGpOfiPQZhlFp   
UWsN2WiL3aE 04/12/2015 15:07 
 RE: dJzzGpOfiPQZhlFp   nuevo
2Ko33bEGS5n 04/12/2015 15:09 

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