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 Tema: RE: Recambio DAUPHINE - GORDINI
Autor: plkNAeg7B4PD (
Fecha:   04/12/2015 08:34

Gorgeous costumes Rachel!I've been inasenly obsessed with the Roaring 20s since I finished reading The Great Gatsby. The crazy wild extravagance of the era is so fascinating. I'm officially loving all things fringe, sequinned, and flapperesque right now!I think your costume does a great job capturing what the 20s was all about. Your fringed skirt is so lovely while your top just adds to that nice ethereal and girly feel. The headpiece adds the perfect touch while your dark lipstick concludes the outfit with a nice note of finality. Even if added for heaven's sake, the umbrella adds a little fun something. An Oriental take on the 20s?As for your other outfit, HAHAHAHAHA. Toddlers and Tiaras. I honestly don't know what to think of that show. our costume is hilarious though. A big poufy dress, a tiara, and a baby bottle was all you really needed right? :)I hope you're having a fabulous weekend! <3~Alice http://pxegmer.com [url=http://qwbhnfynm.com]qwbhnfynm[/url] [link=http://zmxvzqzn.com]zmxvzqzn[/link]

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