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So what exactly chengad?Today I went through a checkpoint where they were looking at inspection stickers. Now I thought CC got rid of the need for an inspection, but it appears not. As my sticker was up at the end of March I was asked if I would like to volunteer for an inspection. They had a mobile inspection station set up from the back of a step up van parked in the front of the firestation. If your sticker was close, you were asked to volunteer, if you were expired, you were pulled striaght in. It seems that the state keep the need for an emissions check, but these guys were checking lights, horn and had jacks on the side to look underneath if they had to. It seems that while the inspection is just for emissions they are also checking the vehicle for anything they could in theory write a ticket for. So it seems that not you must have to hit the private inpection stations to get the emmision check. http://abldwk.com [url=http://esczdfanbp.com]esczdfanbp[/url] [link=http://lctmsqaqd.com]lctmsqaqd[/link]

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