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Joe,I couldn't agree more. It's not a huge leap from this type of <a href="http://ghpdgwnime.com">solioutn</a> to Best Viewed In and all that that entails. Less than a year ago I had a Google Rep suggest that the best <a href="http://ghpdgwnime.com">solioutn</a> for non-sighted students to use GoogleDocs would be to use a ChromeBook, with the rep totally failing to understand that this would impose on the student that they carry 2 laptops with them: 1 for GoogleDocs and 1 for everything else. Imagine The other issue I have is that, for now, it appears that primarily all efforts are being focused on non-sighted users (the exception here being Google's progress with captioning, which is actually not too bad). Two important reports for those interested in this topic, that you may not yet have seen:

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