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I've been to Brazil several times on <a href="http://cduxgxfg.com">busneiss</a>, mostly Rio and Sao Paulo. The most fun was when a railroad company sent a bunch of us analysts on an antique passenger car to ride on their freight line go down the mountain and through the jungle out to the export port. For part of the run through an urban zone they had an armed vehicle shadowing us. Last time I was in Rio the Copacabana Palace upgraded me to their presidential suite or whatever, but I was really tired and had to go to work early the next morning so it was wasted on me. Downstairs they were having some sort of samba practice party, I accidentally got off at the wrong floor facing a 6 foot 6 amazon negress dressed mostly in feathers and gold.Brazil is great when other people are paying the bills and arranging things, but I wouldn't be crazy about going there on a cruise aren't they going to want you back on the boat by sundown? I'd worry about missing out on the best places to dine out.

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