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Where you were pretty close then. Grant and Prow were right off 10th<a href="http://tsctgodrztl.com"> steret</a> just outside of campus. I could walk to school. I returned to campus in 2009 after having not been there for 15 years or so. Brought back a lot of memories. Actually, many of those memories revolved around a girlfriend who I shared the Grant Street apartment with. We were together in 1981 when we won and the campus exploded in celebration. Lot of good memories behind all of that and as it turns out, this girlfriend had moved back to Bloomington and I was able to visit her while there and reminisce about 1981. If you were there then, you know what happened. The campus went wild. My economics professor wound up in jail drunk and people were jumping in Showalter Fountain. She and I had a ball just laughing and talking about all of that. Unfortunately, there's a sad note to this particular story. She passed suddenly a few months later at a relatively young age. Life is indeed fleeting.

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