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Two of the large proponents of this so-called Patent Fairness are Google and Microsoft. Let's take a look at these conpamies financial situations:Google:-Profit margin=20%-Profits=$8billion per year-Cash=$15billionMicrosoft:-Profit margin=28%-Profits=$20billion per year-Cash=$20billionSeems that the large software conpamies have had very little problems competing in today's environment. How much more profitable do they need to be? Or is this more a result of soul-less corporations relentless search of increasing their profits? These same large corporations love to throw around the term "patent trolls" but it is difficult buy their story that the small inventor is hurting or impeding them.In fact, the last time they tried patent reform many small inventors spoke up AGAINST such a reform citing that the world is already tilted against them - and such reforms would only increase the leverage the large conpamies already have. Many small inventors are unable to get any traction when approaching the large software conpamies in selling their innovation.In fact - small software inventors have found that their only chance to introduce their innovations to the marketplace is by trying to get a license deal rather than compete with a Google or Microsoft or even much smaller corporations. Many inventors ask for a small fee of almost always less than 1% but we don't hear Google's or Microsoft's point out how little the innovations actually cost.There is plenty of proof that innovation occurs at the small conpamies (in fact, the Google's of 10 years ago, and the Microsoft's of 30 years ago). Large conpamies would love nothing more than get rid of patents and then simply monitor competitors for the best innovations and then incorporate those into the next service pack or website update.Interesting how large conpamies like Google have the resources for people like Michelle Lee and "Head of Patent Strategy". You think the small inventor has time or resources for this?

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