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Autor: w3iNqwjb (
Fecha:   01/12/2015 21:06

I really eyjoned the images you put up in your blog. Beautiful photography. I will be watching for new pics from new expeditions.I have a question in the technical front. I noticed you keep your iso well into 1600-2000 in most of your photos. I want to understand why you chose to do this as opposed to adjusting the other 2 variables to get a cleaner image with a lower iso value. Is this an esthetic choice or did the circumstances force the high iso ratings?Thanks in advance.

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 Dodge 3700 GT   nuevo
Pedro 13/09/2010 23:01 
 dJzzGpOfiPQZhlFp   nuevo
Akif 29/12/2012 12:00 
 RE: dJzzGpOfiPQZhlFp   nuevo
mTCBkZXa4 01/12/2015 19:20 
 RE: dJzzGpOfiPQZhlFp   
w3iNqwjb 01/12/2015 21:06 

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