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>>Don’t sell Dean short on the eye for talent, thgouh. Jordan wasn’t exactly a hot commodity coming out of HS, and players like Matt Doherty, Jimmy Black, Mike O’Koren and Geoff Crompton weren’t highly regarded, either.<<Yeah, but there's no comparison between the talent that ran through Carolina versus Indiana. In addition to Jordan, you've got Sam Perkins, Bobby Jones, Jerry Stackhouse, James Worthy, J.R Reid and Vince Carter just to name a few off the top of my head. All serious players. Smith just had a far greater array of talent to work with when compared to Knight. I'm not taking anything away from Smith's coaching thgouh as if I were a player with a choice between the two at the time, I'd probably opt for Smith. Knight was crazy and cruel but an extremely intelligent coach at the same time. Given the dearth of star talent generally at IU, his ability to still win is what makes him great and gives a slight edge over Smith IMO even thgouh Smith's win/loss ratio is slightly better. But I must hasten to add that the other stuff created a number of volatile situations and I can imagine as a player, you'd be guessing as to which personality you were going to have to deal with on any given day. The guy was prone to self destruct and he'd been canned far sooner if he hadn't been winning. Strangely enough, few if any of the players to this day will say anything unfavorable about him.

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