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Thank you for responding James :) , but I did not mean to igrnoe Race. ;)I think that we should challenge Race as most people define/use it, and educate them on what it really is; and then work toward dealing with the issue(s) to help our species move forward in a more positive way. ;)Ignoring it is not going to help, I agree, that is common sense to me; I added the jibber jabber part, partly because I did not complete my thoughts, so I felt that I might be mis-understood. ;)I personally do not igrnoe Race, but I do not identify as any Race and I do not identify with any Ethnic Group either; I just do not feel part of any, and so I choose to identify as Me/Myself and as a Human.Of course I have a Nationality since I am a citizen of a country, and there are some other areas that I can be identified as being part of.But as a person from a somewhat diverse family who identifies with various Races and Ethnic Groups, whose history was destroyed/lost/not passed down mostly, and whose ancestors were a combination of conquered people/slaves/maybe a few settlers from Europe; I never felt part of a particular group or groups, which allowed me to just be me & find my own path.After waking people up to the facts, to me then one has to help people adjust their thinking/thoughts/feelings/beliefs/et cetera to go with those facts, and start moving forward.Too many people are still stuck in illogical out-of-date thinking/feeling/behaving/et cetera, and that has too be challenged, talked about, and worked toward fixing; it will never completely go away probably, but we can hopefully one day get the majority of our species to hopefully move forward.If I can do, then there are many other people who can to, for me it was easy and natural but for some people it will not be; but at least we can try, though I am not positive about the situation since in real life I have not been able to find anyone on my side of the issue when directly talking with people.Some people will pretend, but their actions/words/et cetera show what they really feel and think and believe.It is not easy changing an entire mindset/culture/bad habit/et cetera, and it is impossible if the people do not want to change or try.Fortunately some people do want to change or try, but not enough yet.To me if Humans can not eventually deal with an issue this small, then I do not have much hope for our species, might as well kill ourselves not. *Overly dramatic, I know ;) * :DBy the way, Mr. James, could you Enable the Option for use to Subscribe To Comments By Email?That Option helps people like me to know that someone has replied to my/their comment or commented on a Post that I commented on, by email; I would not have know that you had replied if it were not for the new Feature on the WordPress.com Bar/Toolbar on the top of the Page when one logs into WordPress.com. ;)Thank you. :)

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