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Autor: Moesha (bba167460.alshamil.net.ae)
Fecha:   29/12/2012 10:40

Not convinced, sorry to say so. Many peolpe like Castriota's designs, but to me, it always has too many superfluous shapes to it. Chris Bangle seems to have dubbed this surface entertainmaint . In this case, the design is very close to the original Stratos, but even here, I would prefer the old one. Maybe the sharpa0edges on the main surfaces are a bit to harsh for me. It is certainly not the edgy design as such. E.g., I really liked the Aston Martin Lagonda.After having done a lot of thinking, I believe that one problem I have (not only with Castriota, but also with numerous other recent designs)a0is the portion of concave surfaces. To me, this looks as if such car was somehow ill, like suffering from tuberculosis. Just not smooth enough for me, not liquid enough.There is one exception though. This is the Birdcage 75th, a Castriota-influenced design I like. I have however no idea how influential Castrio reallya0was on that design.It could also have to do with his US background. Theoretically, he would be a perfect mixture of Italian and US, for an international company like Saab. In practice, I believe, the American often prevails. E.g., the bonets on lots of his designs, including the Phoenix,a0have humps reminding of muscle car modifications that might have been neccessary in a past long gone (to accomodate the bigger double carburators), but now only look retro, and not at all Saabish).

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